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Futuristic Glasses on the Horizon

Contributed by Scud Langley

In recent weeks, Google has announced the fast approaching release of their new product, the Google Glass.  Though this has been a hot topic in the media as of late, and although PFN News is a media organization of sorts, we have been unable to obtain an interview with any of the actual developers.

A relatively genuine attempt was made to contact Google to discuss the issue, but apparently nobody in our organization knew their contact number.  A rather thorough search of the local phone book was conducted, but apparently Google does not list their phone number in the McCurtain County phone book.  And since our accounts payable department forgot to pay our email domain bill the past few months, we have been unable to send and receive emails (it was determined that Steve’s personal email address [] should not be used for professional purposes).

Since nobody with Google could be contacted, our IT guy, Bart Silas was asked to comment instead:

Yea, so I think basically it’s gonna be like Robocop except it doesn’t come with auto aiming.  From what I can tell, it’ll kinda be like a mixture of Robocop and Duck Hunt*.  Because, you know, you still had to manually point that light gun at the TV for the Nintendo to figure out which duck you were shooting at…

This is the only known image PFN News has of the product:


*Our readers should know that there is no known official compatibility between the new Google glasses and Duck Hunt.


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