Blogosphere Evaluated

It’s the time of year when bloggers everywhere stop posting new material and recycle their “best” material of the year.  As a news organization, we at PFN News keep our finger ever on the pulse of the blogosphere, so Ronald Gorbit, our official Web Scourer, “soured” the web, taking a sample survey of one blog, and found, by extrapolation, that fully 100% of blogs are posting “Best of” material.

He also concluded from his research that 100% of blogs: contain hand drawn scenes from the Bible and lite biblical commentary which is often witty, and decidedly pastoral, invite readers to submit drawings of their own, recently underwent “construction” to become “self-hosted,” have photos of the author and other patrons of the Jasper Air Show on the homepage, and are authored by someone named Jared Hollier.

While these findings are certainly interesting, in hindsight Mr. Gorbit has informed us that he believes that a one blog survey might not yield results sufficient to speak accurately about the entire blogosphere.  This revelation came when Mr. Gorbit stumbled upon another blog* that was neither authored by anyone named “Jared” or “Hollier,” nor did it invite readers to submit material.  This led Mr. Gorbit to believe that “the blogoshpere may be larger and more diverse than we initially thought.  It may be that there are blogs containing hand-drawn pictures of subject matter other than biblical, and there may even be some that extend beyond the reach of flight enthusiasts in Jasper County, Texas.”

*Note: webmasters at PFN News have recently learned how to add hyperlinks that appear as highlighted text, and are using this technique as often as possible.

  1. #1 by Scud Langley on December 23, 2011 - 5:11 pm

    This newfound ability to hyperlink other websites as well as other posts on this website also tricks the auther a post into thinking someone actually commented on his writing only to find that the “comment” was actually just a reference to the fact that said post was mentioned and hyperlinked on another post.

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