Addendum to Steve Mail: Episode 1

I have here an example of the Mandarin notes and Dave’s rough translation for those who might be interested in such a thing.

The raw field notes:




我认为我迷死人开始了我的注意新闻详细。我有我每单件,以确保最高水平的准确性,使我在世界上最大的记者的许多因素之一遵循严格的写作方案。快跑,慢跑,飞兽的平原!以蹄- ED翅膀腾飞“跨漫山遍野!疑惑你的祝福的马蹄声宽限期我的土地,这是满足,它是如此。

And Dave’s rendering:

From time to time, we get our special of letters from readers. You may have read my colleague, Mr. Langley posted here, and that we are dedicated to the reader to confirm. I have carved my busy, world travel, schedule a few minutes to break the story to answer some of my own fan mail. Now to be precise, I have not received any “real” fan mail, but I wrote a sample letter, like I assume you have written, but was shy and send a response.

    Dear Steve,

    It is how you awesome?

Dear readers,

I think I started my awesomeness of the news in detail. I have my every single piece, to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, so I the world’s largest correspondent in one of many factors follow a strict writing program. Gallop, canter, fly eagle of the plain.  Take wing upon thy indefatigable hoofed sails and return to yonder lofty home from whence thou camest.  Oh that I should avenge thee!  Many foes buffet thy countenance and lay waste to thy home, and yet there are none to give ear, none to mourn, none to weep.  Bereft am I of the hope of your recompense.

First, I started by hand-made Chinese rice paper roll on my field notes, with a pen. Oh wail! Oh, weep! Oh, kind of wild ponies western United States, how I will revenge you. When I get the notes, in Broken Bow office, I note Polaroid snapshot, and has a secret place in the drug store to scan and digitize. Digital copy, and then mailed to Dave in the translation of hundreds of floppy disks. Dave, and Urdu, Russian and English fluently, do not know Chinese, so he must be deliberately with the Google translation tool for those in my handwritten characters. Available in English translation, and a legal pad control is copied, mailed to the editor of the Chen way people, fortunately, know that China and in the translation process of cleaning up any possible confusion. The finished cable is then returned to me than my original notes and wrong erosion. If there is any change made to check any facts or corroborations collect these things at this stage. Typically, after further investigation, I discovered that most of my original notes is wrong information or rumor-bit, or at least on one occasion, passionate ode to the plight of American Mustang. At this point all the impurities are removed, the rest is found in your original news PFN news manifesti


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